Peter Gallway and The Real Band

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  This is a collection of studio sessions and live recordings from my time with The Real Band in Portland, Maine circa 1981. Maine was my home from 1973 to 1988. I went to visit and I stayed. It was fertile ground for getting back to playing in bars, clubs and dance halls, and eventually colleges and bigger stages.

This past year Mark Wainer sent me a copy of the recordings you find here. I was moved by the spirit, the vision, the tightness and skill of the band. There is no substitute for hours and hours of practice, and performance under fire, material that has been tested. The recordings had been digitally transferred from original analog cassettes. I took them to mastering engineer Emmet Sargeant, at Beagle Studios in Santa Barbara.

Some of these songs have never been released, others are earlier versions of songs that became the album, Proof, released in 1985, and the live performances speak for themselves—of our love of funk and R&B, and the complete joy of getting lost in the music.

I am indebted to the band that made these recordings possible and to all the things a band is -- hope, collaboration, direction, grit, real-life, trial by fire, respect, and if you're lucky, some kind of grace. To Mark Wainer (guitar), Jon Hardy (keyboards), Rob Roy (bass and vocals), Perry Morin (drums), plus--Denny Williams (guitar), Andrea Re (vocals), Michael McInnis (synths), Steve Fazio (tenor sax), Tom Blackwell (engineer), Studio 8, Portland, Maine, Tim Tierney, John Etnier, and to all those winter miles, perfect summer days, and loving people who supported this music.

Dedicated to, and in memory of, Rob Roy.
Proceeds from this collection will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.


1 Out In The Parking Lot
2 Don't Blow It Away
3 Shorty Is A Bad Boy
4 Saturday Night
6 People Got To Talk
6 Straight To The Federales
7 Rock & Roll Man
8 Someone Said
9 A Grown Up American Dream
10 You've Got Your Heart
11 Hard Time
12 Almost Grown
13 There We Were (You and I)
14 Hot Wired (Live)
15 How Many Times (Live)
16 The Fire And The Flame (Live)
17 Say You Will (Live)


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