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August 2013

A Note To All:

I don't seem to have the time or attention to be a blogger or diarist and this disclaimer will have to do. Please go to the home page for any news, notes or updates. PG

January 2009

I ask myself, why is it so hard to keep up with these newsletters…

Fall 2008 brought “Freedom Is” into the world and response across the board has been more than positive. I am indebted to Jeff Pevar for his priceless contribution to the project as co-producer, musician of all disciplines and visiting angel. I am also indebted for the work Peter Holmstedt and Hemifran have accomplished promoting the CD in Europe. Isao Nagata, Vividsound, Disk Union, and fans in Japan continue to provide timeless support.

In November I spent ten days in New York City and wrote the next CD project, a “jazz” collection of songs about coming of age in Greenwich Village, which is currently beginning production. It has been a creative year and I look forward to continuing the process in 2009. I am also moving towards completion of a collection of poetry, as well as, starting the process of editing a concert DVD from a night at Trinity Backstage in Santa Barbara.

The election of Barack Obama kindles a sense of possibility, of hope, of redemption as we move through this world. With all of the chaos and violence and strife—with systems failing—it is truly a time for change. These are not just words. It is a time to be one of the many and to do the small, good thing.

Summer 2006

Commitments and status update:

I am committed to the release of my new studio CD Rhythm & Blues before yearís end. I am also committed to seeing my collection of poetry through to completion. Lastly, I am committed to a more regular performance schedule in 2007 along with the ongoing work that I am doing with teenagers in this community.

Santa Barbara is indeed beautiful but the weather here and all over seems different somehow. I am relieved that our Administration assures us that global warming does not exist, however, otherwise my friends and I might feel some concern as to the state of our planet. By the way, I wonít talk about the wars going on because I am assured they are not actual wars or civil wars and yes, we all know people will be happier if they would only live the way we want them to. We can also be grateful that our Administration is doing so well at keeping us safe regardless of human rights.

Iíve not made it a practice to put forward political points of view in the past but Iíve made a commitment in the new millennium to do whatever I can to be part of the solution in this world rather than part of the problem.

Stand up, stand up, stand up and speak out that we might heal.


Christmas 2002

As it is said, change is inevitable, and time stops for noone.

I have been working on a new collection of music for the past six months based on the changes that life has brought. The working title is "Rhythm and Blues", ("There is a rhythm to it all, but the blues is close behind...") and I am picking away slowly, so far keeping things quite simple.

I am also working daily on a volume of poetry, again, tentatively titled, "The Valencia Letters". The work of Charlie Smith is an inspiration, particularly a collection
entitled, "Heroin".

I seem to be firmly ensconced in California, playing fairly regularly with Larry John McNally, and with my pals Valerie Landsberg and Jim McVey and the folks in Topanga Canyon. Check out www.kulakswoodshed.com for a video sample, schedule, and live internet streaming shows.

I will be back in Portland, Maine to end the year as part of their New Year's celebration and am looking forward to it, as well as, an overdue visit to New York. A walk in the streets, a nose in the bookshops, cold weather, all of us bundled up--it sounds like where I come from.

Next year could see a tour of the U.K. Keep fingers crossed, and anarchy alive, at least in the mind.

Happy holidays.

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January 2009

Summer 2006

Christmas 2002

August 2001

April 2001

August 2001 Los Angeles

A few bits and pieces:

I believe that a version of the shaker hymn, "Simple Gifts", created by myself and Erin Kamler will underscore the title sequence of a major motion picture in the year to come. More news to follow. Secondly, I have been working on new material with Harold Payne, a stunning talent long in the Los Angeles music scene. I have also produced several tracks with Mark Sebastian about which we are both very excited. Lastly, on a different front, I have been working with the writer Mark Bryan, co-author of The Artists' Way and The Artists' Way At Work, preparing for the various projects he has upcoming including a series for European television.

I've also done a number of shows at Genghis Cohen here in LA, the last of which saw the wonderful participation of Larry John McNally, Jon Lind, David Mansfield, and Sam Glaser. It was a tremendous night and there will be more to come.

Life is full of challenge and change but I guess that makes it life. Hope it's been a good summer.


April 2001, Los Angeles

This website is finally in existence after a year or two of dreaming and planning and trying to squeeze the formulation of these ideas into the small cracks of time... and it is through the technological and design talents of singer-songwriter Cara Jones that we are here, alive and well on the flickering screen.

After a dozen years in New York’s Greenwich Village and due to a rather sudden flurry of opportunities, I am now entrenched in Los Angeles, City Of Angels! Though I’m not certain I see any angels, I know they are here for I have been reunited with wonderful and talented friends and have been graced with an incredible studio space in which to work.

Last year saw the release of a number of exciting projects for me. Louise Taylor’s Written In Red, Johnsmith’s To The Four Directions, Road Show by Peter Spink and his band, and the completion of Jack Donahue’s stunning debut, Lighthouse.This year will bring Laura Nyro’s Angel In The Dark into the world and I have been recording and arranging for film, writing for my own next Gadfly release, producing Mark Sebastian (with the wonderful participation of Van Dyke Parks,) consulting in the A&R realm and developing several projects that have come to my attention.

My latest CD Redemption continues to inspire me and to lift me with creative promise as new worlds and connections unfold here nestled next to the Pacific. I’ll keep you posted.