Grace Street

We have known the American singer-songwriter Peter Gallway already for several decennia as a solo performer, as a member of the duo ‘Hat Check Girl’ with his wife Annie Gallup, as frontman of his own ‘The Real Band’ and as producer of multiple albums of other artists. On his latest record ‘Grace Street’ he has selected ten songs from his rich songbook and presents them all with a very sober and melancholic live played instrumentation. It is just a fabulous piece of art!”

Available at Bull Moose Records

It's Deliberate

A songwriter and storyteller with the skill of a novelist and a filmmaker, its reflections born of the introspection resulting from lockdown, it’s no accident that it is one of Gallway’s very best.
Mike Davies / Fatea Magazine, UK

The pandemic required me to consider what I hold most important & how to best move forward in this particular complicated world. For my nearly 30th album release – a collection created by & for The Real Band with our sound expanded by special musical guests – I discovered characters finding their way & taking a stand, whether in love, romance & relationship, in choosing how to live, & what it means to be free.

Available at Bull Moose Records

My Fearless Career

The second offering from singer-songwriter/producer Peter Gallway and keyboardist/composer/producer Harvey Jones, featuring songs, spoken word poems and memoirs, and atmospheric landscapes that take us from the asylum in Birmingham, England, to rural backroads over black ice.

(Worldwide release January 2024)

hat check girl kiss me quick

Peter Gallway and Annie Gallup, make lots of music, some solo,  some with others, but most wonderfully together. They seem to be  in complete agreement about their style, intense yet unhurried and quiet,  poetic as they enjoy each other in deep partnership. The songs are populated  and cinematic, with stories they have heard and things they have felt.

Michael Devlin, Music Matters

Big Mercy

Thanks for sending Peter Gallway’s “Big Mercy.” It is, indeed a big mercy. So well crafted and realized. A number of wonderful parts. One is, of course, “One day there will be only the quiet. It will stretch forever . . . ”
Within a plethora of absolute noise (in its many manifestations) this is such a stunning and simple truth. It is a coda of survival. I find it resonating in my own life.

Malcolm Boyd (in a letter to editor, Kristi Wallace)

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