Gallway Bay Music

Gallway Bay Studios

Gallway Bay Studios is a full-range production and recording studio in a 200-year-old house on the central coast of Maine.

Equipment List

Mac Studio 2023 computer with Pro Tools 2023

Monitors: Focal CMS 65, Yamaha NS-10M, PreSonus Monitor Station

Software: UAD, Waves, Kush, Soundtoys, Slate Digital, and various other plugin and synthesizer software

Microphones: Neumann U87, KM184, Peluso 2247LE, AKG 414, Slate VMS ML-1, Shure SM 57, Beta 58

Mic Preamps: Universal Audio 6176, Avalon Vt 737sm, Daking MP-One, Vintech Dual 72, Focusrite OctoPre, Eleven Rack (guitar modeling preamp), MOTU Micro Lite midi interface

Dynamics: DBX 160X x2

Keyboard: Korg 01/pro controller

Electric Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul P-90, Epiphone ES-335, Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin, Teisco Del Rey, Gretsch G2215 P-90, Gretsch Electromatic, Jerry Jones Baritone

Acoustic guitars: Bourgeois Jumbo OM, Art & Lutherie Roundhouse, Gold Tone resonator

Electric basses: Custom Fender Jazz, Fender Fretless

Acoustic bass: Milano MB-40F

Guitar amplifiers: Fender Princeton x2, Music Man 112 RD

Misc: Eastman mandolin, accordion, various drums and percussion instruments

Client list

Larry John McNally, Wendy Beckerman, David Wilcox, Play Ball! Productions, Warner Brothers Music, Annie Gallup, Hat Check Girl, Dark Wainer, The Real Band, and many others.

For inquiries contact Peter Gallway at